For a while now, Tricia and I have been longing after the cupcake shops other bloggers are always posting about. Every time I come across pictures of these exquisite little cupcakes from “boutique bakeries” I jump over to Google Maps and type in “Orlando cupakes”. Usually nothing of interest comes up - until about a month ago. Suddenly “Cupcake Crazy” was at the top of the list. Quick! I called Tricia to share the good news and we anxiously awaited the opening of Cupcake Crazy in Lake Mary.
At long last we have a cool cupcake shop, so Tricia and I paid them a visit this week. The cupcakes were good - cupcakes are almost always good. The shop had six or seven varieties, some with sprinkes, some with tiny sugar flowers on top, but honestly, the central Florida cupcake industry has a ways to go before it can compare with that of San Francisco or Portland. I was expecting a little more up-scale type shop and the cupcakes themselves were nothing spectacular (maybe from a mix?) Still, it was fun (how can you not have fun in search of cupcakes?)
Tricia and I decided next time we spend the day obsessed with cupcakes, we should spend it in the kitchen making our own gourmet concoctions!