Being the younger brother can be hard, especially when you see your older brother and sister doing things you aren’t allowed to do. For instance, we encourage Emmaline and Micah to get their own breakfasts. They ask for snacks then get them themselves. Isaac however, is not allowed in the pantry. This causes him great frustration. After a few pantry catastrophes involving oatmeal, baking soda, flour and lots of vacuuming, we’ve been really working on teaching Isaac to ask for snacks. Instead of getting into the pantry and helping himself, we’ve been teaching him to say, “Snack, please.” This has clicked with him and largely done away with the pantry problems. The only thing is, he can’t say “please” very well and it comes out “Snack Me!” We probably shouldn’t be reinforcing this mispronunciation, but it’s so tempting to answer, “You want me to snack you? Okay, I’ll snack you.”