Inspired by Jessica’s photo journal day, I thought I’d record our day in pictures. I’m not sure any day we have is average, but this is one of them, specifically, last Thursday.

5:44am Isaac wakes up crying. I go into his room to find him sitting in a pile of legos mostly asleep and confused. I tuck him back in, he quiets down and I go back to bed. Five minutes later he’s at it again and Trent gets up to comfort him.

6am Isaac is back asleep but Trent is completely awake. I vaguely hear the shower turn on while I drift back to sleep.


7:30am Katie is awake and crying. I rescue her from her crib before she can wake Emmie up and take her back to my bed to nurse her. We both fall back asleep.

8am Isaac is up and shaking a granola bar in my face. I try to talk him into snuggling with us, but he’s more interesting in jumping, so we get up. I open his granola bar for him.


I find a sweet note left by Trent who is already at work.


While I brush my teeth, Isaac splashes in the toilet - something he hasn’t done for quite a while. The day’s discipline begins. I get dressed while Katie overturns a trash can.


8:30 Good morning Emmie.



8:45 Emmie gets her good morning snuggles from Katie while I check on the flowers I planted the other day. Soil is still wet from all the rain yesterday.


Micah is still sleeping even though there’s someone with a lawnmower just outside his window.


I start a load of laundry.


9am Micah is up and fixes Ovaltine for himself and Isaac.

We have plans to go swimming today and Emmie has also requested a stop at the library. I tell the kids to be finished with their morning chores by 10.


I sit down to coffee and my Daily Light while Isaac eats his cereal. After coffee, I feed Katie some oatmeal with banana. I’ll eat breakfast in the car.


By the time I get myself, Isaac, and Katie ready for the day, Emmie and Micah are done with chores. It’s a little before ten and I can’t stand Micah’s unruly hair any longer so I take him outside to cut it.


Isaac wants a haircut too, so it’s about 10:20 before we leave for the pool.


We drop Isaac and Katie off at the fitness center’s childcare while we swim for an hour. After swimming we shower off and don dry clothes so we’re ready for the library.

11:45 Off to the library!



Katie is asleep by the time we arrive, but she hardly wakes when I transfer her to the maya wrap. The kids love the library and we check out about a gazillion books.


1:15pm Isaac has fallen asleep in the car, but we are finally home Everyone is hungry! I quickly make lunch for Emmie, Micah, and Isaac, then feed Katie.


Katie doesn’t know whether she is more hungry or tired.


1:45 I make myself lunch and sit down to eat and nurse Katie while I check facebook and email. When Katie is done nursing she readily goes down for a nap. Isaac finishes eating and I put him in his room for rest time.


Micah comes to show me his loose tooth. Loose teeth make me shiver inside at their grossness.


2pm Testing time! We are finished with school for now, but are doing standardized testing this week. Finding a good time to do this is difficult, but during the younger ones’ naptimes seems to be best. Today is Math Computation and Social Studies.


Micah plays on the ipad while Emmie and I test.

3pm Testing is done for the day (only one more day to go, yay!) Time for afternoon coffee.


While the coffee maker warms up I fold a load of towels and put in a new load. When I come back in I hear Katie crying and find Isaac is in her room. Coffee is delayed and more discipline ensues. Isaac is sent back to his room and fortunately Katie calms down and is able to go back to sleep.



Now it is time for coffee and relaxing while the older two enjoy their library finds.

4pm Isaac and Katie are up and both need changes. This is the time of day that I begin to feel that there’s too much to do. I need to start dinner, there’s more laundry to fold, and the floor desperately needs sweeping.


I take care of the babies, start a movie on my laptop for Isaac and set Emmie and Micah to cleaning their rooms.


Emmie takes Katie into her room which doesn’t really need much cleaning and I begin work on dinner.


5pm Dinner prep is done, ready for Trent to grill. Isaac is done with his movie and hopping around the house. I fold another load of laundry.


Afterwards we all toss balls around in the boys’ room.


6pm Trent is home! He puts the pork tenderloin on the grill while I start fried plantains and rice with sweet peppers. I realize I’ve prepared nothing green. Oh well.



Micah and Isaac play outside and Emmie reads while dinner cooks. I spend time some outside with Katie too. Isaac requires quite a bit of cleaning up before he can sit down to eat with us.



Dinner is a success and we eat it all up, no leftovers! After dinner the kids have until 8:30 to complete their chores - everything from clearing the table to getting bathed and in jammies. If they get done in time they get to stay up until 9:30.


Emmie finishes quickly and is back to reading.

Micah, on the other hand, is having a crisis involving wanting and not wanting to yank out his hanging-by-a-thread loose tooth.

Meanwhile, Trent bathes Isaac and I take care of getting Katie to bed. Then I read and sing with Isaac before tucking him in.

8:22 Micah’s tooth crisis is resolved just in time. It falls out on its own and he rushes through his final chores to meet the deadline. Both kids make it through the chore check and get to stay up late. Micah and Trent play ipad games. Emmie does my hair while I read aloud to her.

9:30. Time for prayer and tucking kids in before I finish cleaning up in the kitchen and take a shower.


10:20 My kitchen sink is shiny and I’m all ready for bed. Just one more task left.


When the tooth fairy visits our house she leaves a quarter and note. It only takes a few minutes to construct a tiny envelope to hold these and trade them out for Micah’s lost tooth.

I’m completely exhausted by 10:30. Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour though, Trent and I stayed up until one am talking! No wonder we’re always tired.