We no longer have a one year old in the house. Isaac is turning two today, and though one has always been one of our favorite stages because you can practically see the little gears turning in their heads, two is pretty cool too.

I love his little words, which are becoming more and more words, and even sentences lately. I love the funny little noise he makes running around the house; not only can you hear each solid, but tiny footstep, he make little “hah, hah, hah” noises with each step. I love that he loves Katie and even though he shouldn’t, every time gets a snack he tries to secretly give some to her. I have a feeling that as they grow he and Katie will be best friends just as Emmie and Micah are. And I love how even though he’s almost always an explosion of energy in constant motion, he loves to snuggle with his mama.

Happy Birthday, Isaac! I love you!