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There’s a new cupcake place in town. It arrived just in time for my birthday so I had to go for a birthday cupcake.
Sweet By Good Golly Miss Holly is exactly what I’ve been craving after reading all those other blogs about cupcakes. According to their website, they “use real fruit, no concentrates…and absolutely real-deal high-quality top-shelf products, and all of our flavorings use premium extracts.” And you can tell it too in the taste. I had a high hat cupcake that was amazingly delicious. The kids both had strawberry and Trent tried their tart frozen yogurt along with his blueberry cupcake.
Beautiful, yummy cupcakes! Just what I wanted for my birthday dinner snack.
I was way too full to try more flavors so I’ll just have to go back another time. Anyone wanna come with?